We are a Myanmar-based professional service firm providing various services required in terms of “Corporate Compliance” for both local and foreigner investors in Myanmar. We are a well-recognized professional service firm in Myanmar and since its establishment, we have retained over 300+ clients with proven results.
Our firm is designed as a “One-Stop Shop” so that we can provide all-in-one compliance related services to Clients so that Clients can utmost focus on succeeding their enterprises in the country. Our services begin with a market-entry advice such as market analysis, legal requirements, taxation, customs, financial reporting and, industrial and environmental requirements. In process, we file permits, endorsements, reports, memberships, licenses, and certificates required by relevant associations, ministries and government.


Our Approach

Our approach is winning clients by providing best possible advice that hits the target. Our team of professionals ensure to understand investor’s point of view, opportunities and challenges. Then, we provide advice from a business perceptive. We create motivated teams of professionals through providing fulfilling and satisfying careers for our employees. We strongly believe that both our client success and our success is contingent upon our enthusiastic workforce and we ensure we maintain that along the way.
Our Client success reflects our success and the process continues vice versa. We have gained tremendous experience from that repeated process and have consistently achieved proven results.

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